PSC Pro Quick Tile Leveling System - Adjustment Cylinder 50 pc bag

Pro Quick Tile Leveling System - Adjustment Cylinder 50 pc bag by PSC


PSC Pro Quick Tile Leveling System - Quick and Easy Leveling of Floor and Wall Tiles - Leveling Adjustment Cylinders with anti-scratch disc 50 pc bag

Adjustment Cylinders with anti-scratch pads - 50 Piece Bag

(Spacer-Straps Sold Separately)

  • Ideal for larger and/or heavier tile and stone
  • Fast and Easy
  • Rubber pad prevents scratches on soft natural stone
  • No special tool required
  • 2-in-1 spacer & leveling
  • Durable leveling straps
  • Before grouting, side impact cleanly snaps off straps at sub-floor below tile

This system requires two components - the adjustment cylinders and spacer-straps of your choice in size

This listing is for Adjustment Cylinders Only. Be sure to find the listing for spacer-straps and order the appropriate size. The descriptions below refer to a complete system with both cylinders and spacer-straps.

Ultimate Tile leveling made quick and easy

  • The "pinch for initial set" then twist to fine tune makes leveling super fast and easy.
  • The pinch release mechanism allows quick unlocking of cylinder to allow for readjustment.
  • The cylinders are reusable - once you have enough pieces for larger jobs, you only need to replace spacer-straps.
  • Unlike some other systems, the spacer-strap is durable and does not easily break - eliminating installation frustration.
  • Before grouting, the spacer-straps break easily with a reliable clean separation at sub-floor below the tile surface.
  • No need to disassemble - you break the wedge and strap out with a simple impact from a mallet or other blunt object.
  • The cylinder's pinch release mechanism allows for quick removal and disposal of used spacer-straps.
  • Spacer-straps are available in sizes from 3/64" (1mm) to 1/8" (3mm) (Sold separately - see related products)
  • For larger grout lines, any larger spacer can be additionally used in conjunction with the PSC Pro Quick system

With the popularity of larger format tile with fewer grout lines, a high-performance system to keep tile flat from one tile to the next has become essential. The PSC Pro Quick system dramatically simplifies and speeds up the installation while still allowing ultimate control over fine tuning and adjustments of even large, heavy tile and stone. The tile-leveling spacer-strap also serves as the spacer up to 1/8" while the Pinch-n-push-then-twist adjustment cylinder provides very fast but precise leveling of two adjacent tiles. The special plastic and design of the strap-spacer allows it to be flexed and adjusted as needed without fear of breaking (but easy to break after thin-set cures.) The pinch-release mechanism allows release of the cylinder so that a leveling point may be readjusted. After the thin-set mortar has cured in the installation, cleanup and removal is a cinch. Light impact from a blunt object like a mallet will break the strap-spacer-cylinder assembly low in the grout line, well below the surface of the tile. After using the pinch-release mechanism to quickly pull the used strap-spacer from the cylinder, remnants are discarded and the cylinders saved for another job. Installing grout is all that's needed to finish the job.

PSC_Pro_Quick_Adjustment_Cylinder_Annotated.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Spacer-Straps_Set.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Pinch_and_Push_Onto_Post.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Adjustment_Cylinder_Pinch_N_Push.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Adjustment_Cylinder_Twist_for_Fine_Adjustment.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Hammer_Out_Assembly_When_Dryg.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Adjustment_Cylinder_Pinch_N_Remove.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Installation_Top_View.jpg PSC_Pro_Quick_Multiple_Install2.jpg

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