PSC Pro WP Waterproofing Membrane per SF

PSC Pro WP Waterproofing Membrane per SF by Pro-Source Center


PSC PRO WP - Waterproofing Membrane System per sq ft better than Kerdi polyethylene

  • Waterproof your shower, wall or floors in preparation for tile installation
  • Remains supremely watertight even at overlap transistions
  • Also protects grout and tile from cracks or bonding failures

PSC PRO WP - Waterproofing Membrane System by the Square Foot

Width Dimensions - 39-1/2" (3.3 feet) or 1 meter

Calculate your surface coverage with at least a 2" overlap in linear feet based on 39.5" wide sheets. Multiply your total linear length needed by 3.3 to obtain your needed square footage.

PSC PRO WP is a soft polyethylene water-proof sealing membrane for covering cracks and waterproofing your shower, wall or floors in preparation for tile installation.

This water and vapor proof sheet exhibits excellent sealing properties, allows for easier renovation or building, prevents buildup of moisture that could create mold or mildew, and increases the life and ease-of-maintenance of tiles and grout in damp locations.

Unlike similar products like Kerdi, PSC PRO WP provides higher-performance watertight solutions at a more affordable cost while using more accessible adhesives.

Advantages of PSC PRO WP:

  • Calculate your surface coverage with at least a 2" overlap in linear feet based on 39.5" wide sheets. One reliable method is to measure physical SF of surfaces and multiply by 1.08.
  • Multiply your total linear length needed by 3.3 to obtain your needed square footage (round up to nearest SF).
  • The membrane is extremely elastic, watertight, resistant to aging and does not rot.
  • The fleece weave on the front and back makes for better adhesion when using tile adhesives.
  • PSC PRO WP can be installed with high-quality modified thin-set mortars from a variety of manufacturers - this gives the installer tremendous flexibility in choice of adhesives to address concerns over installation of modern materials like glass or large-format tile.
  • PSC WP is resistant to water, chemical solutions, salts, alkalis, alcohol, oils and organic solvents.
  • The material traps water vapor and is harmless to human physiology.

PSC WP is environmentally friendly and can be disposed of with normal household waste.


  1. WPstep1Foundation
    The foundation must be capable of bearing weight and must be level. Any loose bits should be removed. Any wood structure must be covered with a stable board product like concrete board of any variety or drywall. A thin-set mortar must be chosen to suit the foundation. The thin-set mortar must be mixed to allow a good mechanical bond with the carrier fleece on the underside of the PSC PRO WP mat.
  2. WPstep2Laying the mat
    Before laying, cut the PSC PRO WP matting to the appropriate size. Thin-set mortar should be laid with a 3/16" x 3/16" square or V serrated trowel on top of the foundation. Smooth the matting into the mortar over the entire area using a smooth trowel or the smooth side of a serrated trowel along with the carrier fleece. Hold the trowel at an angle and press hard to smooth out any air pockets and push out excess thin-set mortar. Use 5" wide PSC PRO WP band to overlap at junctions. PSC PRO WP mats should be pressed into roughened mortar before it dries. Pre-formed components like the PSC PRO WP inside and outside corner pieces are designed to provide sufficient overlapping to prevent any possible leaks.
  3. WPstep3Tiles
    Tiles may be laid without delay using this-set mortar directly on top of the matting. During this process the normal precautions for laying tiles should be observed i.e. the thin-set mortar should be applied using appropriately serrated tools. For surfaces likely to be subjected to chemicals, appropriate grout and resin adhesive should be used.

Product Attributes

Watertight walls and floors increase the lifespan of tiled surfaces, brickwork and screed, indeed of buildings in their entirety.

Sealing of walls
PSC PRO WP is used as a sealing layer for tiled walls. The product adheres firmly to a foundation and is easy to work with.

Sealing in regions subject to large quantities of moisture
Wherever moisture is present in greater amounts than is normal, PSC PRO WP able to prove its outstanding sealing properties at the junction of walls and floors with a tiled covering.

Creating tiled surfaces that are resistant to acid
When used with epoxy-resin adhesive and suitable tiles PSC PRO WP can even be used to make floor surfaces that are resistant to acids, as specified for floors in the food industry, for example.

Use as a sealing strip
PSC PRO WP is available in 5", 7" and 10" widths (band) or can be cut to size for use as a sealing strip at junctions where full sheet membranes such as PSC PRO WP, Durabase-CI, Prova-flex, Ditra, etc. are installed. A common application in every shower kit is the sealing of junctions between walls and floors and walls to walls. An appropriate sealing adhesive also allows PSC PRO WP to provide sealing of junctions between combinations of flooring and subfloor materials (like foam and dry-pack mortar).

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