Corner Shower Shelf BB-17

Corner Shower Shelf BB-17 by Innovis Corp.


BB-17 Corner Shower Shelf 12 x 12 x 17 Inch

  • Triangular bench 12" x 12" x 17" holds up to 400 pounds
  • 2" height
  • Waterproofing-coated aluminum
  • Use with ceramic tile, marble, granite, and more

Better Tray Corner Shower Shelf and Footrest

BB-17 Triangular Shelf
12" x 12" x 17"

Better-Bench® is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Shower Bench Shower Shower Bench

Engineered 400 lb load capacity on all bench products. 100 lb load capacity on the Better Tray (BT-17).


Install before or after finish tile is applied to vertical surfaces.


Self-supporting, one piece frame is easy to install with supplied fasteners, requiring no additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement.


Use in wet or dry locations; mount over any U.B.C. approved substrate material.


Takes only minutes to mount, place mortar mix (sand & cement), and tile as desired.


Long lasting and corrosion resistant materials throughout.

Products are produced of a corrosion resistant alloyed aluminum with an elastomeric-waterproofing and anti-fracture coating combined with an aggregate bonding base. Finished materials, ceramic tile, marble, granite, etc. can be applied immediately after product installation utilizing standard mastics or thin-set. Listed products are supplied with wall fasteners which may be used with/without preinstalled wood blocking.

Products are shipped as one piece. All products are supplied with hollow wall anchors and wood screws. Fastening to studs, blocking, or other framing members is not required. If framing members are encountered, discard hollow wall anchor and use provided screw with an appropriate pilot hole.

BB-30 Triangular Bench
All required fasteners are supplied.
400 lb load capacity
BB-24 Triangular Bench
All required fasteners are supplied.
400 lb load capacity
BT-17 Triangular Shelf
All required fasteners are supplied.
100 lb load capacity
BB-ADJR Rectangular Bench--Adjustable
All required fasteners are supplied. 3" x 14.5" x 33.5"- 62"
400 lb load capacity
BT-17S Mid point corbel support for BB-ADJR (modified from BT-17)
Required if BB-ADJR spread exceeds 36"
All required fasteners are supplied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit?
The BT-17 has a 100 lb live load capacity do to the amount of fasteners supplied with the unit and based on a retro-fit or over the tile method of installation. The capacity can be substantially increased by installing additional fasteners and/or mounting the unit directly to the face of the substrate.
Can I then use this unit for a footrest?
Yes. We are aware that many clients are installing the BT-17 low for that very purpose. It is best to mount the unit to the substrate first if this is at all an option, otherwise you will need to install 3 additional fasteners (not supplied) that meet or exceed the shear value of the fasteners that we supply. Call for additional details if necessary. You will also need to tile the bottom of the BT-17 when mounted low do to the exposed mortar. This mortar may harbor mildew or mold growth if not covered.
My shelf is high and the bottom is visible. How do I tile it?
The BT-17 was anticipated for a higher mounting location than our bench products. It has therefore been designed with a series of half-inch holes completely perforating the bottom of the unit to make it easy to tile. You install the bottom tiles using standard thin-set or mastic which will adhere via the direct bonding path to the exposed mortar in these holes. Grout and seal as normal.


When applying the mortar to the BT-17, you will need to use a "back-up block" under the unit to keep the mortar from falling through the holes. This can be any piece of scrap wood or a wood float/trowel held in one hand while you fill the unit with the other. Brush off excess mortar from bottom of unit after mortar installation to provide even surface for tile.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

superior ,long lasting

Review by Russell

Submitted on Sep 24, 2021

Verified Buyer

I use this to construct beautiful custom shelves in any shower area .It is much better than those stick on plain corner shelves..You can really increase the comfort and convenience of your shower .

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