Norton Paint System Accessories

Paint System Accessories by Norton Abrasives


Norton Paint System Accessories

Norton Paint System Kit Accessories and Replacement Parts

All parts fit with Norton Paint System kits

Accessories optimize kit use

Norton Paint System Kit Accessories and Replacement Parts

Reusable Mixing Cups - Small, Medium, or Large

  • Has preprinted mixing ratio scales for greater convenience
  • Used with the components from the kit to create a unitized system
  • Small 8oz (21650)
    • Package of 2
    • Use with 21644 or 21645 small kits
  • Medium 25oz (21651)
    • Package of 2
    • Use with 21646 or 21647 medium kits
  • Large 32oz (21652)
    • Package of 1
    • Use with 21648 or 21649 large kits
Norton Paint System Mixing Cups

Dispensers - Package of 1

  • Small Liner Dispenser 21654 - Holds 50 liners (liners not included)
  • Medium/Large Liner Dispenser 21655 - Holds 50 liners (liners not included)
  • Lid and Ring Dispenser 21656 - Holds 25 medium/large lids or rings or 50 small lids or rings (lids and rings not included)
Norton Paint System Dispensers

Shaker Cap 21653 - Package of 1

  • The shaker cap fits both the medium and large cups
  • For using a mechanical shaker to mix the paint
Norton Paint System Shaker Cap

Replacement Lids - Package of 24

  • Two versions of lids based on the mesh of the built-in filter:
    • 190 mesh 21877
    • 125 mesh 21875
  • Refer to the paint manufacturer's recommendation for the correct filter mesh

Norton Paint System - Think Outside the Cup

  • Distinctive unitized construction - spray in any position
  • Cup can be removed during spraying for better maneuverability
  • Collapsing liners will not leak even if cup is removed during spraying
  • Consistent spray pattern
  • Convenient paint storage
  • Easy and clean disposal
  • Use requires:
    • Lids, liners, rings, plugs - found in Norton Paint System Kits
    • Spray gun adapter - found in Norton Paint System Adapters
    • Measuring cup - found in Norton Paint System Accessories
    • Optional: Shaker cap, stir stick, liner dispenser, ring and lid dispenser - found in Norton Paint System Accessories
  • For detailed information, please download the Norton Paint System PDF

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