Wood flooring has many advantages to other types of home flooring. While carpet can attract and trap harmful allergens and bacteria over time, finished wood flooring is impervious to it and is easy to clean. If installed right, it will beat vinyl in longevity, simply because hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times (depending on the wood, of course). If you’re looking to invest in hardwood flooring for your home, here are a few tips from us to keep in mind while planning and installing your floor.

First Steps

First things first: the key to a successful flooring project is preparation. You’ll need to measure the room you’re looking to refloor and pick out the correct materials. There are two main types of hardwood flooring to choose from: engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. Engineered wood comes pre-finished and ready to assemble, which means a faster overall process. It is also less prone to warping under pressure and moisture. It is thinner than solid wood, however, and can only be refinished once or twice in its lifetime. Solid wood requires sanding and finishing, but can last for decades.

Preparing the Room

With the right materials, you now need to lay it down on the right surface. A secure wood floor requires a sound base, be it an existing wood floor, a plywood sub floor, or even moisture-proofed concrete. Be certain your floor will be above ground level or secure against moisture, otherwise future warping can occur. Remove doors and base molding, and mark the direction you’d like your wood to lay with chalk. Lay down hardwood underlayment or asphalt-laminated kraft paper as an underlay to reduce floor noise and provide moisture barrier protection.

Fasten Board to Board

For the actual board-laying, you’ll want to buy or rent a pneumatic flooring nailer to make it much easier to fasten the boards to the sub-floor as you go. Vary the length of each board by at least 6 inches for a layered finish. Remember to measure and cut any board before you install it, especially around obstacles such as a fireplace hearth.


If you have any questions about your next home improvement project, you can always rely on us at PSC for answers. We have all your hardwood flooring essentials including gorgeous hardwoods in many colors and finishes. Call us today!